Historic Weston Chamber of Commerce


526 Main Street
Weston, Missouri 64098
(816) 640-2909

Monday - Saturday
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
12:30 - 5:00 p.m.






Brief History & Goals: The Weston Chamber of Commerce was originally formed as the Weston Development Company in 1982 with leadership from Jeff Elsea, Ted Wilson, Gary Norris, Don Spratt and James Swaney. Known as the WDC for 22 years, it was converted to a Chamber in 2005 to incorporate the support and wisdom of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, United States Chamber of Commerce and affiliated groups.

From the beginning, the purpose of the organization has been the economic development of the City of Weston, Missouri and its environs by promoting and assisting the growth and development of business concerns.

As it was in the early stages of the WDC, this still means working to improve the City of Weston, making it not only more attractive for business, but a better place for all of us to visit and stay for a day, a weekend or a lifetime. And that means helping small and large businesses alike, creating and disseminating information on our assets, encouraging incentives for quality commercial and residential development, and creating partnerships where the whole becomes greater than the parts through the cooperation of government agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals.

Membership & Services: To further the goals and programs for the greater good of Weston, Missouri, the Chamber seeks the supports of businesses and individuals. Sponsoring businesses and organizations support the Chamber, including the Weston Visitor Center and the Weston Marketing Program though an annual $1,000 membership. Other businesses members provide $125 in annual support and individual members pay $35 annually.

Board of Directors:  Meets Second Thursday, 5:30 p.m.

Pat Egan    President
Chris Koonce    Vice-President
Jenni Toy     Secretary
Scott Pirtle     Director
Jeff Kiing    Director
Francie Stoner     Director
Jean Hartley   Director
Brent Newkirk  Director
Joyce Priddy, Director/Treasurer   
Jill Gonzalez, Executive Director     info@westonmo.com

Weston Chamber Standing Committees

Budget & Governance     
Economic Development     
Public Relations
Website Marketing

Weston Chamber Annual Event Committees

Annual Dinner
November Holiday Open House
Christmas Candlelight Homes Tour
Second Saturdays

Weston Merchandise

The Weston Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit business association so we are doing everything we can to support the Weston Visitors Center and various community activities as we work to make Weston better for all of us...visitors, residents and businesses alike.


To that end we offer the following historic Weston items which you may pick up at the Weston Visitor Center, 526 Main Street, or have them sent to you by calling
(816) 640-2909.



Spirit of Christmas Books, D.Henderson  $5.00     
Father Christmas Commemorative Ornament $12.00 
Father Christmas Greeting Cards $3.00 each, 
6 for $15.00
Lewis & Clark Commemorative Coin $5.00
Weston Historical Museum Postcard 25¢ each
Weston Main Street Postcard 30¢  each
Weston Memories Vol. II, 1837 - 2000 $39.95
We, Too, Lived, by Carolyn Larson
A genealogy of African/Americans in a midwest cemetary 1850-1950
Main Street Cookbook  $14.00
Historic Notecards by Ernst Ulmer  3 for $2.00
Weston Historic T-Shirts  $18.50
Weston Tote Bags  $3.00



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