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Some of the most widely recognized wine varietals include names like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet. All of these grapes are native to Europe, but did you know that North America actually has the widest diversity of indigenous grapes? At Vox Vineyards we are tapping the potential of native North American grapes to produce spectacular wines that express and celebrate our unique region.

We are following in the footsteps of Thomas Volney Munson, the viticulturist famed for saving Europe's grape vines from the Phylloxera epidemic. Munson was also an avid breeder of native grapes and our vines are some of the many wild varieties that Munson identified and cultivated in the late 1800's. Our vineyard located in the rolling Missouri River bluffs just south of Weston, MO is home to over forty of these unique grape varieties native to North America.

Join us in our discovery of these unique grapes and wines. Explore the possibilities of wines like Albania, Wetumpka, Lenoir, or Hidalgo. We currently do not have regular tasting hours. If you are interested in coming out to the vineyard, please check out our website, www.voxvineyards.com, for announcements regarding tours, tastings, and events.

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